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Alias 2005
Rossignol - Alias
Tadashi Fuse and JF Pelchat don't get fooled : they picked up the twin-tiped Alias, a freestyle caviar that doesn' fear anything on earth: rails, trunks, parks. They really try hard to mess it up, but seriously, nobody will take that board alive ! Explosive, the Alias still can appreciate more raffinated treatments such as a beautiful powdery turn... More»
Amber 2005
Rossignol - Amber
High end freestyle board, the feminine way. Or the feminist way, even, since the Amber really aims at miltant hardcore girls. Black and pink? Easier for "bad girls" to get their way through the snowparks' jungle. A series that is sure punk yet remains fine, with its 4x2 inserts for precise adjustment. More»
Avalon 2005
Rossignol - Avalon
Genetic engineering had attacked everything, not yet snowboards breeding. Well, Rossignol did: they had a Premier and a Jones spend a night together. The result's name is Avalon and has the former's maniabilty and the latter's stability, even in the most bombed snows. Easy and performing on any terrain, modern shape… A success that's guaranteed 100 % GMO-less! More»
Decoy 2005
Rossignol - Decoy
Obviously freestyle-oriented but not sectarist, this is our high end Twin Tip, perfectly symetrical. From the deep sidecut to the Dual Torsion Box, everything in this board feels like escaping to the open fields, jib or backcountry style… Not unlike the circus animals from the graphics. Anyone considering a tamer's position? More»
Diva 2005
Rossignol - Diva
Second take! The new Diva doesn’t fear to dig into the snow, thanks to a longer and more progressive nose. What about the adjustments precision? No problem thanks to the 4x2 inserts. Polyvalence for the true snowboard divas. More»
Jeremy Jones 2005
Rossignol - Jeremy Jones
Jeremy's approach to snowboarding is so pure that we couldn't help it : we turned his pro model into a full series so everyone can taste it. No, this board doesn't only have powder in mind. Switch riding? Jeremy can do. Grip on blue ice? Same way. Speed up through deep powder? Don't make us laugh… Jeremy asked for an "all conditions" board. We just did it. More»
Jonas Emery 2005
Rossignol - Jonas Emery
"Big up to the old school !", so Jonas claims. His pro model therefore gets a bit shorter (160 cm) with more pointy nose a tail for backcountry purposes. More concentrated, more explosive board. Where the little monkey is a symbol : "A free spirit", Jonas inists. More»
Judge 2005
Rossignol - Judge
A swallow tail is way more than a tail : it's a religion. So Rossignol did the Judge. Swallow tail ? Definitely, but this board stays handlable somewhere else than in 6 feet of powder. Not a reason to approach pipes though : swallow tails are allergic to them! More»
Legion 2005
Rossignol - Legion
The ex-Premier has a hidden talent : the same molds than its ancestor and, more than all, incredible freestyle abilities. With tight price too. So yes, you might see legions of the Legion in the mountains. More»
Mini Diva 2005
Rossignol - Mini Diva
Kids performance at a tight price. The one board made to progress. It 10 o'clock do you know where your kids are? Snow Boarding!!! Girl Power!!! More»
Mini Pro 2005
Rossignol - Mini Pro
Kids performance at a tight price. The one board made to progress. It 10 o'clock do you know where your kids are? Snow Boarding!!! More»
Mini Pro 2 2005
Rossignol - Mini Pro 2
Kids performance at a tight price. The one board made to progress. It 10 o'clock do you know where your kids are? Snow Boarding!!! More»
Premier 2005
Rossignol - Premier
One of the good board made by Rossignol, deserves a closer look, if doesn’t look like performance is there, well you know what they say looks are deceiving. If you get you had to choose a board from Rossignol to demo this would be a good choice. More»
RS 2005
Rossignol - RS
Sharp cut turn or slide turn? For those who have the level to perform both but eternally hesitate, here comes the RS, our high end all terrain board that’s even more playful this season. 3 widths, 9 sizes: each one finds one! More»
Scan 2005
Rossignol - Scan
A kids board should not just be a mini adult board. So Rossignol adapted thier RS to the youngest riders' anatomy; sandwich construction, wood core, perfect shape. Grow up? What for? More»
Scope 2005
Rossignol - Scope
Why do you see Scopes everywhere? Maybe because it’s our best-seller? Good answer. Because it’s an inexpensive yet performance-driven board? Good answer again. This is why it is on all the fronts, in all the sizes and under all the feet, including Travis Rice’s, who won the SuperPark contest riding one ! The ultimate RS board. More»
Sonar 2005
Rossignol - Sonar
Why would only guys have a right to sandwich construction? Against injustice, this is Rossignol's new womens series with small prices yet huge construction quality. Justice accomplished! More»
Sultan 2005
Rossignol - Sultan
The deal is quite simple : for the same price as an awful cap board made in Asia, Rossignol offer you a real snowboard with a true sandwich core (not foam), easier to fix and closer to the snow skateboard than to the sliding trashcan. Inexpensive? For sure ! Plus Travis Rice won the US Open handrail contest riding it… More»
Todd Richards 2005
Rossignol - Todd Richards
"Try to improve perfection". This is in his own words what Todd Richards has tried to do this year. Not easy… So he tried something different : of course, his "past perfection" pro model remains the Pipes' Terminator one, but a bit more length and more width have it hunt on new grounds… More»
Travis Rice 2005
Rossignol - Travis Rice
What hasn't been said about Travis Rice? That he is the snowboard genius, the one who has won pretty much everything? That the whole earth loves him? Rossignol acted their way : They built a special core only for his board : the Combo FS. Rossignol added also a firm flex, mainly located under the back foot, along with an unmatchable stability. The only risk? This board mi... More»
Undertaker 2005
Rossignol - Undertaker
The undertaker, in this case, is the one who will take all the tricksters and handrail polishers to hell. Rossignol classic 185 cm swallow tail doesn’t change its mind and keeps its motto untouched : more powder, always more powder ! More»
Zena 2005
Rossignol - Zena
For the female version of the all terrain Scope, the menu is great : inserts 4x2, magical 4.4 K base and even die-cut base graphics! Bon appetite… Chicks Dig it… More»