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Access 2005
K2 - Access
Response and Control on All Terrain
This series gives you access to all parts of the mountain - it's built for riders who are exploring and progressing. Directional flex pattern and tapered tail give optimum edge grip, for a smooth, stable ride. You won't find a better value than this! More»
Ambush 2005
K2 - Ambush
Perfect for the expert snowboarder who is not afraid to hike for freshies, and wants to ride the part of the mountain no one else is on. The Ambush, with True Stance Sidecut and tapered tail, is all about freeriding. Don't get lost... More»
Darkstar 2005
K2 - Darkstar
Freestyle Progression
The Darkstar is most at home in the park, but our team guys, Louie Fountain and Ile Eronen ride it everywhere. Carbon Torsion forks give more pop for ollies, and medium flex make nose pressing effortless. More»
Disciple 2005
K2 - Disciple
LIGHT, POWERFUL, AND FAST Voted one of TransWorld's top 10 boards of the year, the Disciple was designed for the aggressive rider who charges all the time. It's a true competitor - super stiff and quick edge to edge. More»
Fuse 2005
K2 - Fuse
Forgiving Freestyle Comfort
A board designed to take your riding to the next level. The Fuse, with tapered tail and softer flex, promises stability and maneuverability. New for this year, K2 added Hybritech construction for more strength and durability. More»
Illusion 2005
K2 - Illusion
Smooth, Forgiving Confidence
If you're looking for easy to ride durability and comfort, the Illusion is your board of choice. Dual progressive sidecut and Hybritech construction means stability in all conditions. More»
Instinct 2005
K2 - Instinct
The Instinct is for those who love snowboarding - any terrain, any condition, all the time. So versatile K2 added 2 wide sizes. More»
Kandi 2005
K2 - Kandi
Smooth, Easy Ride
Ideal for girls and smaller women who want forgiving maneuverability. The Kandi with Elite Cap Construction and progressive sidecut is easy to turn and a fun board for girls of all riding styles. More»
Legend 2005
K2 - Legend
The Legend was designed to excel in powder, whether you’re riding switch or regular! K2 designed this board with the help of Canada’s premier powder resort, Island Lake Lodge, and pro rider Brian Savard, who wanted a board that he could take on his heli trips, to huck off jumps and cliffs and land in powder. "The slight shaping of ... More»
Luna 2005
K2 - Luna
Proven Performance and Versatility
All styles and levels of women riders have loved the Luna for the past six years, and it continues to be one of the best selling women's board on the market. With dual progressive sidecut and a medium flex, this board will be just as fun in the trees and on groomed trails, as it is board sliding a rainbow. More»
Mighty Eldo 2005
K2 - Mighty Eldo
Mighty Eldo
For the future rippers of the world, the Mighty Eldo has a twin tip shape and soft flex that is easy to maneuver and learn on. More»
Mini Luna 2005
K2 - Mini Luna
Fun, Forgiving, Durable
The Mini Luna is the twin sister to the Mighty Eldo - easy and fun to ride and learn on. So cute she'll carry it around with her even when she ISN'T riding. More»
Mini Zeppelin 2005
K2 - Mini Zeppelin
Mini Zeppelin
Made for kids who ride better than most adults. More»
Mix 2005
K2 - Mix
strong Enough For A Man But ph Balanced For a Woman
Step aside boys; this board was built for girls who will rip right by you! Carbon Kevlar Matrix, Carbon Torsion Forks, precured fiberglass, everything the guys want and more. This is the board Gretchen Bleiler was on when she won her 7 gold medals last year, including her X-Games finale. Girl Powe... More»
Nemesis 2005
K2 - Nemesis
BIG-FOOTED PROGRESSION For the experienced, big-footed rider who wants technology and performance. A mid-wide board with risers mean quick edge to edge transition whether you’re a size 10 or a size 14. More»
Push 2005
K2 - Push
Unequaled All Mountain Quickness
For lighter weight riders who are always pushing their limits, this is an all mountain board that is quick and agile. Narrower waist width so it's quick edge to edge, torsionally stiffer for superior edge hold. More»
Recon Riser S-Class 2005
K2 - Recon Riser S-Class
COMFORT AND CONTROL Boardercross, steeps, corduroy groomers, the Recon Riser S-Class is all about stability, speed and control. It features an all new shape and construction this year. A Dual Composite Riser that is 4mm of traditional Riser with 2mm of a vibration absorbing material on top. The cush underfoot reduces chatter, keeping your edge in the sno... More»
Skyla 2005
K2 - Skyla
Forgiving, Comfortable Progression
For women who want an easy to ride board that will help them progress, the Skyla returns this year with Hybritech Construction, and new narrow shape, making it responsive and smooth. Its forgiving flex will give you the confidence to explore more and more of the mountain. More»
Temptation 2005
K2 - Temptation
For 2005, the Temptation is back. Wille brought back the name but the board got revamped with Precured Carbon Fiberglass and K2's classic Mid-Flex. K2 added thier strongest steel edges so it would hold up against any rail that came Wille's way. "My board graphic is designed by my friend Antti Rastivo who lives in Helsinki, Finla... More»
Union 2005
K2 - Union
Wide Freestyle Performance
Bobby Meeks' favorite board, the Union is made for the experienced, big-footed snowboarder who hangs out mostly in the park. Softer flexing so you can nose press or butter it, but snappy enough to get you up on the rails More»
WWW 2005
K2 - WWW
Park and Rail Specialist
The WWW is K2 team's favorite jib stick. A softer flex for nose pressing, and a true twin-tip designed around a 5cm principal - short nose and tail and extra effective edge, if you normally ride a 157 you use the 152. This board actually fits in the trunk. :-) More»
Zeppelin 2005
K2 - Zeppelin
AGGRESSIVE ALL MOUNTAIN FREESTYLE Ideal for anyone who is continually progressing their riding. Returning for its ninth season, the Zeppelin has proven itself as a freestyle leader. Patented External Torsion Forks give you more pop charging in the pipe or spinning off a cornice. More»