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Air 2006
Burton - Air
The classic. Energetic enough for the park yet stable at speeds, the Air blends ollie energy and strength with smooth edge-to-edge transitioning in a fun ride for any style of riding. The directional shape of the Air possesses the potent snap, response and stompability of a Super Fly core for lapping the park and floating through the trees. The engineered Dualzone EGD ... More»
Baron 2006
Burton - Baron
Freestyle-focused, wide-board performance. Having large feet used to be considered a handicap; all-terrain freestyle was nothing more than a toe-drag nightmare. Then came the Baron, and now there’s nothing to fear. Built upon the Custom’s proven ride for riders who seek only high-end performance and construction, the lightweight Baron packs pop for the park and quick e... More»
Baron ES 2006
Burton - Baron ES
Sacrifice nothing. From park sessions to groomers to hidden stashes, the Baron ES, inspired by the Custom X, is the most advanced wide board ever. We cranked the construction with the increased longitudinal snap of an infused Carbon I-Beam and added Dual Warp Lite Triax fiberglass for high-speed, big-balls power and durability. The unmatched strength-to-weight ratio of... More»
Blunt 2006
Burton - Blunt
Up the ante. The affordable, all-around freestyle prowess of the Blunt makes progression easy. The Blunt’s mellow flex and stable feel lets you have fun mastering the basics, while giving you the ollie-power and speed to build your bag of tricks. The best value in freestyle snowboards available, the bomber construction of the low-maintenance Blunt lets you focus on kil... More»
Bullet 2006
Burton - Bullet
An all-terrain machine for riders with big boots. From linking turns to stomping your first 360, the all-terrain Bullet is designed to build confidence without compromising performance. Fun to ride in any condition, the wider waist width allows riders with size 10.5 boots and larger to power through high-speed turns. A tapered, directional shape provides smooth and eas... More»
Chicklet 2006
Burton - Chicklet
Little girls can rip, too. This is the board little girls as young as four should take their first turns on. The Chicklet isn’t just a short board--it’s specially engineered for little girls so they can easily control it, link turns and shred with the best of them. Featuring a girl-specific design and quality tech, the Chicklet is superior to all other kids’ boards on ... More»
Chopper 2006
Burton - Chopper
Start here. Every detail of the Chopper has been finely tuned to make sure you’re on the right track from day one. Designed with an engineered flex to match the rider’s weight, we didn’t just scale the Chopper down, we rebuilt it based on countless hours of testing and re-testing with kids. Put through more abuse by our youth team than any board should ever have to end... More»
Clash 2006
Burton - Clash
You can’t find a better board for the money. The versatile Clash is the best board for riders who want the quality ride of a high-end board at an affordable price. The slightly tapered shape equals quick and easy turning in any condition without sacrificing stability at speeds. The snappy flex delivers serious performance for progressing to the next level on any terrai... More»
Cruzer 2006
Burton - Cruzer
Progression has never been smoother. Built to give riders confidence, the Cruzer is the best choice for quick progression. With a mellow flex and stable feel, the Cruzer is built to tear through any terrain it encounters and the tapered shape equals effortless turning in all snow conditions. The best quality and value in all-mountain snowboards today, the Cruzer delive... More»
Cruzer Wide 2006
Burton - Cruzer Wide
Progression has never been smoother. Built to give riders confidence, the Cruzer is the best choice for quick progression. With a mellow flex and stable feel, the Cruzer is built to tear through any terrain it encounters and the tapered shape equals effortless turning in all snow conditions. The best quality and value in all-mountain snowboards today, the Cruzer delive... More»
Custom 2006
Burton - Custom
A quiver of one. From powder to rails to park and pipe, the legendary Custom is the board ridden by more riders than any other. Developed and refined by Dave Downing, Natasza Zurek and Mads Jonsson, the 10th anniversary Custom has evolved to near perfection. For reliable pop, we’ve packed the power of Infinite Ride Technology into a directional shape for added strength... More»
Custom X 2006
Burton - Custom X
Exponentially advanced. Possessing the all-terrain versatility of the world-renowned Custom, but built with only the finest materials, the Custom X is the world’s premier wood core board. Developed with Dave Downing for explosive riders like Kazu Kokubo, the Custom X performs at another level. We maximized the fiberglass for an optimized strength-to-weight ratio withou... More»
Dominant 2006
Burton - Dominant
Take it to the street. With a design driven by Ryan Lougee, we’ve tweaked the flex, making the Dominant stiffer in the center and the tail for increased jib control, ollie power and butterability. The light and durable Super Fly core packs shocking energy through transitions without being squirrelly on steep, icy landings. For 06, we de-bossed the supple leather topshe... More»
Dominant Slick 2006
Burton - Dominant Slick
Leave no object unjibbed. As the ultimate jib stick, the Dominant Slick smoothly transitions from a recessed edge where it would normally come in contact with rails to a traditional edge at the nose and tail for normal turn initiation. The new directional flex pattern makes the Dominant Slick stiffer in the center and the tail for increased jib control, ollie power and... More»
Feather 2006
Burton - Feather
A freestyle favorite. The number one choice for advancing women riders, the Feather is a super-smooth ride that will help you progress your skills and confidence. Backed by Burton’s proven expertise and decade-long heritage in crafting women’s-specific boards, the Feather is hands down the best board you can buy at this price. A go-anywhere, ride-anything style of boar... More»
Feelgood 2006
Burton - Feelgood
Setting the standard for women’s boards. The first truly women’s-specific board ever built, the Feelgood has been treating women riders right for over a decade. Like a true, lifelong friend, it’s what’s inside the Feelgood that matters. So we gave it a high-end Super Fly II core and Infinite Ride technology. Super smooth and solid at high speeds and forgiving enough to... More»
Feelgood ES 2006
Burton - Feelgood ES
The all-mountain dominatrix. One of the most highly acclaimed women’s boards ever designed, the Feelgood ES rises above all other women’s boards when it comes to performance and premium tech. Take it all over the mountain, the super-responsive Feelgood ES is fine-tuned to handle anything. The most lightweight women’s board in the world, the ES boasts an unrivaled women... More»
Fish 2006
Burton - Fish
Surf the snow. The brainchild of Terje and JG, the unique surf-inspired design of the Fish delivers the purest freeride experience possible. Whether dropping cliffs or exploring the woods, the tapered design equals a playful feel anywhere on the mountain. The shorter, wider shape allows you to size 3 to 6 cm down from your normal board so you can ride longer and strong... More»
Ginger 2006
Burton - Ginger
Spice it up. Developed and tested with girls, the Ginger is specially built for girls’ feet sizes and weights so they can easily flex and control the board. Constructed with many of the same high-end features as our women’s boards, the Ginger has a responsive and smooth feel that enables girls to progress quickly. Hands down the best girl’s board on the planet, the Gin... More»
GTwin 2006
Burton - GTwin
The new standard. Driven and designed by team riders Anne-Flore Marxer and Natasza Zurek, two of the most influential freestyle riders ever, the GTwin is women’s-specific park and pipe perfection. The new Park Fly II core reduces swing weight for effortless spins, while the mellow flex makes learning new tricks easy. Winner of Transworld’s Good Wood, with the GTwin you... More»
Jeremy 2006
Burton - Jeremy
One love. Jeremy’s skate-influenced riding demands a performance-driven board that suits his creative style on backcountry kickers and inner-city rails. Directing the design of his board, Jeremy created two uniquely engineered models. Jeremy’s jib board, the 151, exhibits a unique new directional flex pattern that is slightly stiffer in the center and the tail for incr... More»
Jussi 2006
Burton - Jussi
Freestyle fun, Jussi’s way. For 06, we built upon perfection to keep Jussi on point in any terrain. From biggie-sized kickers to urban rails to just cruising with friends, this snappy and responsive board helps you stomp heavy rotations while providing enough stability to make learning new tricks fun. The 159’s directional shape and core charges through variable condit... More»
Malolo 2006
Burton - Malolo
All-terrain artistry. The Malolo uses a perfected shape that blends optimal freeride powder performance with an all-terrain freestyle feel for the ultimate in versatility. Embodying Terje’s revolutionary thinking, the moderate 20 mm taper equals serious float for effortless glide and added speed over virgin powder and an equally playful feel on groomers. Designed to ri... More»
Powers 2006
Burton - Powers
Explosive. When charging a 20-foot wall of ice at mach 10, Ross demands precision handling and the power to boost without blowing up. For 06, Ross asked for a slightly softer and tad bit wider chassis for increased stomping power in both the park and pipe. The directional flex packs more pop in the tail for insane ollies, while the directional shape charges hard both r... More»
Punch 2006
Burton - Punch
The future is now. Driven by next-generation pros, the Punch combines key elements from our high-end boards with a kid-specific construction for maximum performance in a small package. With an engineered-for-kids flex, we precision craft the ride to meet the specific weight ranges and needs of young rippers. The responsive and stable design equals confidence so you are... More»
Raven 2006
Burton - Raven
Take flight. Driven by Keir Dillon, Kelly Clark and Freddie Kalbermatten, the Raven is the all-terrain freestyle board of choice for charging transitions and backcountry lines full-speed. Redesigned in 06 for a more playful feel, we’ve made the Raven slightly softer with less bite for improved stompability in any snow condition. For monstrous pop we mold the directiona... More»
Royale 2006
Burton - Royale
Rise up mid-wides. The all-new Royale, engineered around a size 10.5 boot, is designed specifically for riders who want the all-mountain performance of the Air but in a mid-wide shape. From high-speed ollies in the park to jammin’ in the trees, the Royale’s mellow flex and smooth handling unites freestyle stability and freeride agility. Dualzone EGD equals incredible e... More»
S-Series 2006
Burton - S-Series
Escape. When you want to self-propel yourself to the pearly-white gates of powder nirvana on the world’s best split board, the S-Series is the only answer. Developed with Dave Downing, the S-Series converts into a pair of touring skis in minutes for quick and easy backcountry access. This board delivers a responsive, stable ride, and the mechanisms are compact and tool... More»
Seven 2006
Burton - Seven
Subversive versatility. Driven by Trevor Andrew as a dynamic approach to suit his abstract riding style, the Seven continues to set the freestyle standard. The true twin-tip and modified blunt tip and tail shape equal smoother spins, butters and landings for tagging everything in sight both regular and switch. Engineered to be forgiving on sketchy landings, the constru... More»
Shaun White 2006
Burton - Shaun White
Anything’s possible. The instrument for Shaun’s artistry, this lightweight and lively skate-influenced board lets Shaun master anything he puts his mind to. Driving every step of the design process, Shaun wanted a high-performance freestyle board that would react on command, yet remain playful when building his bag of tricks. Infused with the longitudinal snap and resp... More»
Shaun White Smalls 2006
Burton - Shaun White Smalls
Ride large. If you want all the advantages Shaun had as a grom to reach the level he rides at today, you need the freestyle-focused performance of the Shaun White Smalls. We have fine-tuned and updated the board design that Shaun rode in his early years and specifically engineered the flex to make learning new tricks easy. Trickling key elements from our high-end board... More»
Sterling 2006
Burton - Sterling
A smooth ride for progression. The Sterling is designed to take you through your first riding seasons all the way to your first 180 with ease and style. Built specifically to help women riders progress, the Sterling has a narrower waist width for women’s size boots and a women’s-specific flex. With a stable feel that inspires confidence, the Sterling’s tapered board sh... More»
T6 2006
Burton - T6
Futuristic freeride. Lively, agile and lightweight; the T6 is Terje’s all-terrain vehicle of choice. Whether boosting in the pipe, spinning off windlips or threading shoulder-width chutes, the Indy car handling and power of the T6 changes the way you ride. Fusing aerospace technology with precision-engineered materials, the non-organic aluminum honeycomb core offers un... More»
Tadashi 2006
Burton - Tadashi
Focus. Tadashi is a backcountry freestyle perfectionist. When the cameras are rolling, there are no warm-ups, no second chances and no room for error. He needs a powerful and stable freestyle board that will let him stomp that shit first try. With the ollie-energy of a Super Fly II core and the enhanced snow-feel of Dualzone EGD, the Tadashi Fuse delivers the precision... More»
Triumph 2006
Burton - Triumph
Fully-loaded for the mid-wide rider. Designed for high-caliber all-mountain riders, the Triumph’s slightly tapered shape redefines the balance of float, speed and agility that one board can possess. Built around a size 10.5 boot, this responsive mid-wide board offers stability at speeds and unmatched float in bottomless pow. For added durability, we reinforced the Triu... More»
Troop 2006
Burton - Troop
Storm the hill. The Troop is designed with riders like Anne Molin Kongsgaard and Kjersti Buaas who aren’t afraid of showing the world what women riders can really do. Handcrafted with high-quality materials and advanced tech, the Troop has no rivals when it comes to high-level performance at a mid-level cost. Combining the best features from our freestyle and freeride ... More»
UnInc 2006
Burton - UnInc
Unordinary. A collaboration between a crew of riders who redefine snowboarding daily, UnInc is what rider driven is all about. Influenced by on-snow experimentation, JP Solberg, Romain De Marchi, Gigi Ruf and DCP give us a glimpse at the next chapter in creative freestyle. Directing every element of their boards from day one, we’ve given these riders carte-blanche to b... More»
Vapor 2006
Burton - Vapor
The world’s lightest high-performance board. Ultra-light and ultra-responsive, the Vapor rides like an extension of your mind--you think, it reacts. A full pound lighter than any other board in the line, the Vapor is the most technologically advanced all-terrain board, period. It’s not what’s in this board, but what’s not that makes it so amazing. The culmination of 28... More»