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Air 2007
Burton - Air
A fun ride for any style rider, the Air™ brings pro-level performance to the masses. Charge hard and stomp easy thanks to the directional shape and forgiving flex that powers through sketchy terrain without getting squirrelly. Whether chucking your carcass at street rails or chasing fame on contest kickers, ride with reckless abandonment knowing your imagination is your o... More»
Alpha 2007
Burton - Alpha
Whether you’re the first in the lift line on a powder day, or cruising up for an afternoon session with friends, you demand nothing less than the best. With premium performance features from our highest-end boards in an easy-to-ride shape, the Alpha™ lets you snowboard wherever you want to, with a style as unique as you. More»
Baron 2007
Burton - Baron
Souped up with tech only recently deemed street legal, the Baron™ pushes the pedal to the metal on wide board performance. Hair-trigger response combined with a freestyle‑tuned flex and our fastest base yet, the Baron packs punch from the park and pipe to the mountain’s farthest reaches. Never be held back by toe drag again. More»
Baron ES 2007
Burton - Baron ES
Now supercharged with Vaporskin™, the Baron ES™ is the lightest weight, highest performance wide board in existence. With the explosive pop and weight savings of the Carbon I-Beam™, the accelerated speed of WFO and the most advanced edge technology, you get every advantage possible. Ride faster, ollie higher, dissect every vertical foot — toe drag is no longer a valid exc... More»
Blunt 2007
Burton - Blunt
The Blunt comes kitted with the park and pipe tech you need to annihilate everything — with plenty of loot left over for lift tickets. Born to rage wherever there is snow, the Blunt’s mellow, skate-inspired flex and ballistic durability make it easy to take your new tricks to the next level. This is the best value in freestyle snowboards, period. More»
Bullet 2007
Burton - Bullet
Don’t let your big boots be a drag; step up to the wider waist width of the Bullet™. An evolution of the wide ride, the Bullet features a slightly tapered shape for rapid fire response and enhanced float in fresh snow. From first turns to dropping lines lesser riders fear, the Bullet offers high-caliber performance that won’t leave you, or your toes, hanging. More»
Chicklet 2007
Burton - Chicklet
From the playground to the park. Designed from the ground up with an engineered flex just for kids, the Chicklet™ isn’t some shrunken-down compromise, but the only choice for any girl out there. From girls as young as four to future pros, the Chicklet will make her first turns effortless, exciting and nothing but fun. More»
Chopper 2007
Burton - Chopper
Season after season, on any terrain, the Chopper® gives groms the confidence they need to destroy whatever is thrown their way. Built based on years of testing and fine-tuning with kids, the Chopper features all the on-hill advantages our pro riders demand, but with a kid-friendly flex that makes progressing fast and fun. More»
Clash 2007
Burton - Clash
The Clash is the perfect board for everything from first turns to elevator shaft descents. Lightweight and fun to ride anywhere on the mountain, the quality and performance of the Clash puts the competition’s so-called ”premium” boards to shame. More»
Custom 2007
Burton - Custom
Mads Jonsson, Heikki Sorsa and Mason Aguirre — three riders at the forefront of freestyle, have reinvented the quiver-of-one Custom™ to meet their diverse riding needs. Now featuring a lighter-weight, easier‑to‑throw‑around, twin-like shape, bomber 10:45™ Sidewalls and warp speed WFO base, the Custom is so proven and perfected, you can’t help but ride be... More»
Custom X 2007
Burton - Custom X
Lighter, stronger and more responsive than ever thanks to Vaporsk in™, the Custom X™ represents the future of wood core board construction. Showcasing all our latest technologies, the X converts every ounce of energy into uncompromised control and handling. For lightning speed, spring-loaded pop and ninja agility on any terrain, demand nothing less than the Custom X. More»
Dominant 2007
Burton - Dominant
From sketch landings to life-or-death street rails, the Dominant™ rages harder than Rambo on roids. With the chassis locked and reloaded with our new Park Fly™ core powered up with Infinite Ride® technology, get ready for ramped up pop, stability and snow-sensitivity. Also available in the Slick for bite-free slides on everything in sight. More»
Dominant Slick 2007
Burton - Dominant Slick
From sketch landings to life-or-death street rails, the Dominant™ rages harder than Rambo on roids. With the chassis locked and reloaded with our new Park Fly™ core powered up with Infinite Ride® technology, get ready for ramped up pop, stability and snow-sensitivity. Also available in the Slick for bite-free slides on everything in sight. More»
Elite 2007
Burton - Elite
A kick ass all-mountain shredder, the all-new Elite gives riders of any ability a high-end, twin-tipped ride at an unbeatable price. The directional twin shape concentrates pop in the tail, while the softer nose powers through variable conditions with ease. Easy flexing, bomber tough and ready for peak-to-park exploration, the Elite can’t be beat. More»
Feather 2007
Burton - Feather
The best riders are the ones having the most fun. With the Feather™, it just takes one turn – one moment – and you’re hooked. With a mellow flex and slightly tapered shape, you’ll be making effortless turns, catching air and floating above powder with newfound confidence. Even more affordable than ever, take the Feather for a spin and see why it’s the number one women... More»
Feelgood 2007
Burton - Feelgood
Takes you places no other board will. With Hannah Teter, Kelly Clark and Molly Aguirre now driving its development, the legendary Feelgood™ has a whole new posse to ride with. This may be their gold medal Olympic stick, but it’s good for everything from trees to powder and everywhere else these girls take it. With stability at any speed and a smooth flex, strap in and... More»
Feelgood ES 2007
Burton - Feelgood ES
Hands down, the highest performance women’s board on earth. Lighter weight and with increased snow-sensitivity thanks to Vaporskin™, the Feelgood ES™ will conquer anything the mountain throws your way. AK runs with Victoria or charging hits in the park – you’ll rip with precision, style and confidence. Fully loaded with all the best tech, in a true women’s-specific de... More»
Fish 2007
Burton - Fish
Terje and JG’s new school powder stick, the Fish’s tapered shape enlarges the nose while pinning the tail for a surfy feel that replaces rear leg burn with effortless float, punch and pinpoint precision. Track more pow, pillage low-angle tree runs and generate more speed. With the Fish™ face shots and high-fives run rampant — those who don’t know will never understand. No... More»
Ginger 2007
Burton - Ginger
The ultimate ride for those growing to new heights. With an easy riding flex, lots of speed and smooth edge-to-edge transitioning, the Ginger™ is the perfect deck for those ready to rip up the entire mountain. Built with premium materials and backed by our tireless process in designing only the best in women’s-specific boards, the Ginger spices up any riding session, ... More»
Gtwin 2007
Burton - Gtwin
Drop into the park with unrivaled confidence. Developed by Anne-Flore Marxer and Natasza Zurek, two of today’s most influential riders, the GTwin™ raises the bar on women’s-specific park performance. Pro-Tip™ reduces swing weight for effortless spins, while the new Park Fly II™ core packs more pop and a smoother flex for buttering and jibs. The board you’ve been waiti... More»
Jeremy Jones 2007
Burton - Jeremy Jones
From the streets of Salt Lake to the Wasatch backcountry, Jeremy demands two totally unique boards that can handle jibs, deep pow and everything in between. Directing every design element, Jeremy made his 156 smooth at any speed and indestructible to backcountry and street rail abuse. Jeremy’s jib stick, the 151, features the all-terrain freestyle power of the 156, but si... More»
Jussi 2007
Burton - Jussi
Tech park lines to backcountry sessions and collecting competition booty — welcome to Jussi’s world. Stable and responsive for stomping the techest tricks, while remaining forgiving and cruisy for buttering and flatground 540s, the Jussi™ makes riding easy and fun for everyone. Jibbers and smaller shreds can get their fix on the 154, Jussi’s take on the true park board. More»
King 2007
Burton - King
Introducing the all-new King, the ultimate wide board for the all-mountain ruler. Stealing tech from our pinnacle boards, the King sets a new standard in freestyle performance for the big boot shredder. An easy-riding twin with a forgiving flex and rugged strength, the King reigns supreme on any terrain, in any snow condition imaginable. More»
Lux 2007
Burton - Lux
Add some freestyle flavor to your riding. The Lux™ is a brand-new twin with a forgiving flex, rugged strength and unmatched rideability. Featuring all the luxuries of our top boards at a price that’s right, you’ll have plenty of loot left over for lift tickets. Perfect for riders who want the confidence to charge everything, with each run you’ll have more fun and push... More»
Malolo 2007
Burton - Malolo
Ultimate versatility. Bridging the gap between freeride and freestyle, the Malolo’s surf-inspired tapered shape sinks the tail while keeping the nose afloat to increase speed in deep snow, creating a playful feel and unmatched drive in any snow condition imaginable. Now enhanced with all our finest performance technologies, from natural features to groomers and park kicke... More»
Powers 2007
Burton - Powers
The all-around transition slayer, Powers is programmed to ride one way — HUGE! Constantly tweaking his board to match his ever-evolving style, Ross asked for slightly less sidecut for more stompability in both the park and pipe. The directional flex packs added pop in the tail, while the directional shape is playful both regular and switch. More»
Punch 2007
Burton - Punch
The Punch™ gives our Youth Team riders everything needed and then some to leave the big dogs quaking in their boots. With an all-new true twin shape, pro-level tech and an engineered-for-kids flex, this freestyle-fueled ride is built for all-mountain mayhem. More»
Royale 2007
Burton - Royale
Using the timeless all-mountain prowess of the Air as a model, the Royale’s mid-wide shape throws a little extra meat beneath the feet for riders who refuse to be abused by toe drag. Blaze the trees and trails, link spins and lay base to metal — with the Royale you get it all, and at a price that’s hard to beat. More»
S-Series 2007
Burton - S-Series
Go where no rider has gone before with the self-propelled power of the S-Series™, the world’s best split board. With a design driven by Dave Downing, the S-Series converts from touring skis to powder slasher in minutes for quick and easy backcountry access. Track more pow and explore virgin terrain others only dream of – all without ever buying a lift ticket. More»
Se7en 2007
Burton - Se7en
From cutting backcountry tracks to mixing it up in the park, the seventh anniversary Se7en™ is the nastiest yet. Cranking the volume to deafening levels, Trevor Andrew refined the Se7en to suit his ever-evolving style. The lightest, fastest, snappiest and straight-up toughest Se7en ever, it now includes our new spoon tip and tail shape for smoother butters and powering th... More»
Shaun White 2007
Burton - Shaun White
Cash some contest checks then hit handrails before catching a plane to Alaska, Shaun demands a quiver that adapts and destroys. Lightweight, fast and fun, with the instant response of our Carbon I-Beam™, poppy Super Fly II™ core and powerful directional shape, The White Collection is high-performance park and pipe perfection. More»
Shaun White Youth 2007
Burton - Shaun White Youth
The White Collection, inspired by Shaun’s current pro model, is reengineered with the smaller terrain park terminator in mind. Super lightweight, with a forgiving flex and lots of pop, The White Collection will throw your freestyle skills on fast forward. Go trick for trick with the pros in no time. More»
Stigma 2007
Burton - Stigma
And the hits don’t stop. Meet our first-ever entry level freestyle board designed specifically for the ladies. Fun to ride whether you’re beginner or pro, the Stigma’s easy-to-ride shape, mellow flex and bomber durability make progressing anywhere on the hill, be it the park or on rails, easy. Don’t let the price tag fool ya. This board is lightweight, fast and ready ... More»
T6 2007
Burton - T6
The T6™ gives riders like Terje Haakonsen and Nicolas Müller the power to push what’s humanly possible. Fusing aerospace-grade materials into the industry’s premier aluminum honeycomb core, the T6 packs endless pop and explosive response. Pow, groomers, cliffs and kickers, riding the T6 is like flying a fighter jet — parachute not included. More»
Tadashi Fuse 2007
Burton - Tadashi Fuse
The silent killer and Shaolin style master, Tadashi stomps everything. Hand drags just aren’t in his vocabulary. For Tadashi, if his board doesn’t make riding fun, then it isn’t worth riding. Perfecting his sword with the explosive tip-to-tail response and weight savings of the Carbon I-Beam™ and the shadow-like swing weight of Pro-Tip™, Tadashi is set to invade all seven... More»
Triumph 2007
Burton - Triumph
The fully loaded Triumph™ redefines the balance of speed, deep‑snow float and airborne agility a mid-wide board can possess. The hair-trigger response and Cadillac-like stability of the slightly tapered shape, and extra-strength 10:45™ Sidewalls, create an indestructible all-terrain ride that begs for abuse. The new lighter weight Powder Fly II™ core counterbalances... More»
Troop 2007
Burton - Troop
Next-level freestyle is now within reach. From the quarterpipe to the superpark, your riding will demand a camera nearby. With team riders Anne Molin Kongsgaard and Elena Hight taking this board to its limits, if you think you can outgrow it – think again. Combining the best features from our freestyle and freeride boards, the Troop™ gives any level shredder the perfe... More»
Twin 2007
Burton - Twin
A true twin with a mid-wide waist width, the new Twin lives for hitting kickers, rails and transitions. Mitch Reed’s deck of choice, the Twin is as confident charging a bulletproof pipe wall as it is locking down a frontside through the kink. Ante up with our new Park Fly II™ core and ultra-lightweight Pro-Tip™ construction for reduced swing weight and ridiculous spinning... More»
UnInc 2007
Burton - UnInc
A pure and direct outlet for each rider’s creativity,™ is a vacuum of abstract thought and independent thinking. In the spirit of, we’ve united a diverse group of likeminded artists to join forces and create the strongest graphics to date.The base graphics reflect the crew’s personality done in the typical rider / artist collaborative process. Howe... More»
Vapor 2007
Burton - Vapor
Meet the purest transfer of human thought to all-terrain control ever imagined. The Vapor™ combines our exclusive Vaportech™ construction with the lightest and strongest space-age materials. The resulting ultra-light weight equals effortless handling, endless power and response that seems to precede thought. With each turn riding becomes more exciting and abilities are el... More»