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Agenda 2008
Ride - Agenda
Ride twin shaping and an easy-to-handle price make the Agenda the best freestyle value around. Ideal for the inspired freestyle rider or as an addition to the quiver, it offers big-baller performance at a next-to-nothing price. More»
Concept TMS 2008
Ride - Concept TMS
The brand-new Concept TMS is ATV freestyle versatility defined - itís designed to Ride anything and everything including the park. From deep pow or hardpack to big booters and jibs, centered or setback this deck performs like no other. More»
Concept UL 2008
Ride - Concept UL
Infinite possibilities abound as Rideís entirely new, ultra-light UL techs and Silencer 7 Tuned CoreTM make their debut with the premium-level Concept UL. Designed for the mountain master who takes it all in, this impeccable Ride hangs with the lightest board out there, but without the light board chatter and super board price tag. More»
Control 2008
Ride - Control
For the snowboarder who enjoys everything the mountain has to offer, the award-winning Control is clean and performs anywhere. With a fusion base and carbon pop that lasts long and feels right, the mountain is yours. More»
Decade 2008
Ride - Decade
The Decadeís brand-new 90A SlimewallsTM and Silencer 3 Tuned CoreTM combined with Carbon Array and classic Quadratic turning make this the ideal smooth Ride for the masses wanting all-around resort versatility. More»
DH 2008
Ride - DH
Award-winning performance and tech including Rideís 85A SlimewallsTM make the DH the latest standard in freestyle Rides. Continuing to be a favorite of Nico Droz, this deck guarantees to stoke the park/jib guy and will take you to the next level of mobility. More»
DOSE 2008
Ride - DOSE
The stable yet maneuverable, mobility-driven Dose is built for big-foot freestyle performance and fun. Complete with Cleave Edge and 85A SlimewallsTM, this twin Ride can take a beating and wonít let the big guy down. Shane Floodís a fan for sure! More»
Fever 2008
Ride - Fever
Designed for the always-charging freestyle femme (a.k.a. Priscilla Levac), the award-winning Fever features Rideís best mobility tech tricked just for women. 85A SlimewallsTM, Carbon Array 3 and Cleave Edge combine in this twin sis of the DH for the ultimate in jib-tastic fun. More»
Fleetwood 2008
Ride - Fleetwood
Classic Ride pop and performance boosted with Carbon strips await Riders whose feet are bigger than their budget. Get ready to rock ... wherever you go. More»
Havoc 2008
Ride - Havoc
Delivering the best performance value on the market, the Havoc features Carbon Array and an aggressive sidecut combined with Rideís newest 90A SlimewallsTM. This deck is all about powerful yet smooth all-terrain versatility for Riders like Finlandís Juuso Laivisto. More»
Kink 2008
Ride - Kink
Built with the rail kid in mind, the Kink can really take a beating due to Rideís very own Cleave Edge and 85A SlimewallsTM. With the input of Justin Hebbel and Darrell Mathes, this soft, buttery board is our definitive jib deck at the best value money can buy. More»
Lowride 2008
Ride - Lowride
Get your rugrat started off right with Rideís full sidewall performance and hand-it-down to kid #2 durability. The Lowride is soft and easy to turn for any little one on the rise. More»
Lowride Kid's 2008
Ride - Lowride Kid's
Easy learning and turning at an exceptional value. The Ride Lowride Snowboard 2008 will help get your rugrat started off right. With full sidewall performance and hand-it-down to kid #2 durability, the Ride Lowride board allows for a steady, stable ride. Soft and easy to turn for any little one on the rise, the Ride Lowride Snowboard provides a solid foundation for hardco... More»
Rapture 2008
Ride - Rapture
Meet the new twin sis of the Agenda! For hot style on the cheap, this is the latest park Ride just for girls at a price that canít be beat. More»
Ruckus 2008
Ride - Ruckus
With tons of pop and serious shaping, the Ruckus is built for groms with steeze who choose to take on anything. Start your Ride career here. More»
Society 2008
Ride - Society
Itís official: The Society is the new fav! REAL Glass and Carbon Array 5 team up for unimaginable pop, and the 85A SlimewallsTM keep it super smooth. As the go-to board for Mikey LeBlanc and J.J. Thomas, we suggest you try this out for yourself ... we promise you wonít regret it. More»
Solace 2008
Ride - Solace
Shaped for the ladies getting better by the day, the Solace is light, fun and easy to turn. Featuring added Carbon for extra pop, this affordable Ride will take you anywhere. More»
Verona 2008
Ride - Verona
For the performance-driven diva who wants nothing holding her back, the super light and smooth-as-silk Verona represents the epitome of unlimited freestyle versatility. Like the Concept TMS, only engineered from the start specifically for women, this Ride will lead you from the highest mountain point through the last park hit ... and everywhere in between. More»
Vista 2008
Ride - Vista
This oneís for the ladies with easy-going style and technical skills to boot. Featuring Rideís all-new 90A SlimewallsTM for a smoothness like never before, the Vistaís versatile shape and stance options make it easy to step up to anything. More»
Yukon 2008
Ride - Yukon
This do-it-all Ride built for big-foot, freestyle performance is now lighter and quicker than ever. With its new Silencer 5 Tuned CoreTM, 90A SlimewallsTM and REAL Glass, the Yukon is the best possible wide quiver of one. The only limits youíll face are your own. More»