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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Jussi
 Year:  2007
 Price:  $499 (MSRP)

3 Stars Based based on
11 votes and 1 reviews
Sintered Vision Base
Dualzone EGD™
Infinite Ride®
Even Core Profile
Super Fly II Core
Triax Response Fiberglass
10:45 Sidewalls
Directional Twin Shape [154]
Burton Jussi, 2007
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Tech park lines to backcountry sessions and collecting competition booty — welcome to Jussi’s world. Stable and responsive for stomping the techest tricks, while remaining forgiving and cruisy for buttering and flatground 540s, the Jussi™ makes riding easy and fun for everyone. Jibbers and smaller shreds can get their fix on the 154, Jussi’s take on the true park board.
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by Anonymous on 12.07.2009
Strengths: pop, stiffness, flex, allround, forgiveness, weight, carve
Weaknesses: not very good in deep pow, butters hard with 59

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Well, it’s official. Jussi isn’t human, and because of that he has a different eye for riding. From backcountry booters to inner-city rails to just dorking with friends, this snappy and responsive performance-driven board helps you nail the sickest tricks, while providing enough stability so you ... More»

by Anonymous on 07.20.2007
Strengths: i own this board and it kicks ass. some people think that it may be too stiff to jib on yet i can do s-rails with mine while i watch guys that ride on a wet noodle cant even get half way. This board is def the way to go only the price on here isnt a good deal i bought mine brand new from burton for $200. great board with mad pop and speed perfect for anything i throw at it.
Weaknesses: other people will want to ride it when they see how sick it rides on the hill

by Anonymous on 12.18.2005
Strengths: Super solid board. Edge hold even on icey steeps is excelent. You can definately go real big with this board. BTW it's FAST. I have it in 154 which is fine, being on the east coast I don't have a need for a huge powder stick, plus I'm not the biggest dude ever.
Weaknesses: I don't jib on it so I can't speak to its "jibability" but I would guess it's mediocre at best. This is a real stiff board. In Jussi video segments he rocks a dominant for most jibs. Again this is a super stiff board, so it's a bit on the unforgiving side. Learning to ride on this board would be near impossible. If you can't shred already, this board won't help at all. If you can shed, this will make you that much more stable.

Jussi 2009
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by Anonymous on 12.12.2022
Strengths: all around great board