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 Maker:  Ride
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  DH
 Year:  2007
 Price:  $429 (MSRP)

4 Stars Based based on
9 votes and 4 reviews
SIZES: 151, 155, 157, 159
FLEX: Medium 6
CONSTRUCTION FEATURES: 45° Thin Con / New! Slimewall / Response Tuned Core / New! Carbon Array 3 / Linear Carbon & Aramid / New! Hybrid Laminates / True Color Sintered Base / Cleave Edge
Ride DH, 2007
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THE MEATY CENTER OF THE FREESTYLE WORLD. Damn ... people love them DH’s. And for good reason, too! It’s got that easy, clean, classic twin shape, and all the Carbon Array pop you could ever need. Just try prying the 55 from Nico’s hot hands ... we dare you.
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by Anonymous on 02.25.2023
Strengths: Had the board since 2007, it`s 2023. Still love it. Looks great and love how it rides. Great all mountain board.
Weaknesses: Need a new board with the updated technology. Hope I enjoy it as much as the DH
by Anonymous on 11.02.2016
Strengths: I have this board and it the best board I have ever owend it shreds so well and is really well balanced. I love this board and it looks so sick
by Anonymous on 12.18.2009
Strengths: It`s sexy, gives pop like Megan Fox, and more carbon than your car
Weaknesses: It didn`t come with a real bubble gum machine
by Anonymous on 01.28.2008
Strengths: wouldnt ride anything else...very poppy, butters easy, lands smooth, very predictable, durable
Weaknesses: it will make you wonder why you wasted all those years with your other boards

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by Anonymous on 01.11.2014
Strengths: Love the board still since 06. The pink and blue is a super sick combo.
Weaknesses: None. Great all mountain board!

by Anonymous on 02.02.2010
Strengths: i got the board the year it came out in late 2005 i shed on it that season. i bought 3 more of them all 157 and i will mever switch my board again. butron air; never summer X; nothing compares with the right bindings and the right riders this board is top of the line the best
Weaknesses: not enough people know about this board

by greg on 12.18.2008
Strengths: it is flexible and well made!
Weaknesses: none!

by Anonymous on 09.21.2007
Strengths: amazing board all around. get one or get stomped
Weaknesses: its not free with cracker jacks (yes, yes, i took that from last ytears buyers guide, whatever...)

by Marty on 11.28.2006
Strengths: The best board I`ve ever had (that`s over 10 years worth of boards). -Great jib, kicker, spin control. -Doesn`t feel unstable at high speeds or in the powder. -Excellent manuverability with switch landings. -The 157cm is the perfect size
Weaknesses: I don`t have two of them.

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by Anonymous on 02.11.2008
Strengths: rides better than any other board i have ever riden, good flex, nice pop, handles awesome on rails and jumps, good on ice (but hopefully you wont be riding that). FAST!!!
Weaknesses: if you want to find a weekness dont look at this board

by olas38 on 02.05.2008
Strengths: ride 157 dh dfc 2008 i tested i owned !! is this a freestyle board ??? becouse works exelent in powder i said 3 feet powder,and park every body knows ! ice ? soso conditions 80 % but who cares ! this is a keeper . other wise burton uninc 158. But the DH flex slimwalls is unbeateble.
Weaknesses: super ice conditions no recomended..but who wants to ride i super ice hard conditions ,,, not me ! :-)

by Anonymous on 09.21.2007
Strengths: everything about it, jibs, pop, jumps...its all good!
Weaknesses: uuuummm...

by Anonymous on 01.17.2007
Strengths: SICK SICK SICK, its as good as everyone says. get it!
Weaknesses: burton can eat my ass, broken uninc, and X

by Anonymous on 03.21.2006
Strengths: Solid park board. Good edge hold. Nice flex. Jump stomper. Takes a beating. "That board looks pimp, dawg!"
Weaknesses: The snow eventually melts.

by poopoomcgoo on 03.16.2006
Strengths: awsomeness
Weaknesses: nothing

by Anonymous on 10.31.2005
Strengths: Best board ive had. The Ride Dh last season was perfect for big tables and even good in the back country.
Weaknesses: Little soft for ice and its not the cheapest board.

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by HavocAnomalous on 02.03.2011
Strengths: Super stable at high speeds, stable landings, floats in pow, no chatter, tracks straight, no-catch jibbing. Funnest board I`ve owned in 15+ years of riding.
Weaknesses: None in my book.

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by Anonymous on 12.13.2013
Strengths: Jumps beautifully, lands soft, carries speed, pops for days, presses and butters smoothly, and won`t put you on your ass. Perfect everyday board.
Weaknesses: Mediocre for deep pow days.