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Palmer  Maker:  Palmer
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Andy Finch
 Year:  2007

4.5 Stars Based based on
4 votes and 2 reviews
4 Carbon Fiber Strips in Tip & Tail
NCF Prepreg
Cap Sidewall Construction
Full Length Beech/Poplar Woodcore
Tri-Radial Sidecut
Stone Ground Inlaid 7200 Graphite Base
Split Sidewalls
Sizes: 151, 155, 159, 162
Palmer Andy Finch, 2007
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Featuring rock solid tip-to-tail beech/poplar woodcore wrapped in our high-end prepreg cap-sidewall construction, the Andy Finch Pro Model integrates carbon reinforcements in the nose and tail for additional pop, durability, and support in landing those Fince-size airs. With a stone ground 7200 graphite base that’s super fast, Andy’s board is the ultimate tool to crush the competition.
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by Anonymous on 12.18.2011
Strengths: This board is awesome its fast smooth and not to stiff
by Anonymous on 09.03.2011
Strengths: Fast, fast, freakin` fast board (thanks to its 7200 graphite base) with tons of pop! This board is out of this world for anyone who likes to pop olies here and there on the groomed slopes or simply wants to a board that can deliver the big air jumps in the park! If you have bigger feet (sz 11+) like me, don`t hesitate to add on the Palmer Power Link Systems (risers for bindings) as they don`t take away the feel of the board. This board is definitely a Burton-killer!!!
Weaknesses: The 2007 version is missing the honeycomb in the nose and the tail of the board, a feature available only on the 2008 Palmer Andy Finch! Top of it all, the 2008 version was given a "Good Wood" award by Transworld Snowboarding!

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by Anonymous on 11.21.2005
Strengths: amazing feel and look
Weaknesses: none