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 Model:  The Roost
 Year:  2007

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47 votes on 2019-10-08 08:36:27
Core: BADASS Directional
Shape: Directional
Core Profile: Directional
Laminates: Light Tri-ax
Base: Sintered 7200
Sizes: 155, 158, 161, 164
Forum The Roost, 2007
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Ressurection Of Old School Technology The ROOST features a shape that works for the whole mountain. The nose is longer than the tail. The tip is a little wider than the tail, which helps it turn plus gives it a little more float. The tip profile is mellow, so the board floats rather than plows through the soft stuff. The stance is set back to help keep you from going over the handlebars. Lots o sidecut make it arc through the turns like a race car.
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