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 Maker:  Flow
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Camo
 Year:  2005

4 Stars Based based on
7 votes and 1 reviews
Type : Top FreeStyle/FreeRide CrossOver
Core : Supreme with Throttle core (Poplar/Poplar Massif).
Laminate : L2 (Quadraxial glass).
Base : Tough (Sintered with diecut).
Sizes : 156/160/164/168
Flow Camo, 2005
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Pipe, Park, all mountain. This board can handle any environment. The quality material combination offers progressive flex as well as firm torsional control. With a super tough finish, the Camo is a versatile tool for the rider with no restrictions.
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by Arthur on 08.15.2012
Strengths: This is an older model now and its interesting to see the whole "rocker" fad is starting to come full circle so boards like this one are now back in favour.. Iafter riding some softer more forgiving "rocker boards" then going back to this, i can see why. The speed, carving power and grip of the Camo are insane. Huge turning power even on ice, light weight and very, very stable at all speeds
Weaknesses: Graphics are understated (if you call that a weakness).