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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Custom X
 Year:  2008
 Price:  $650 (MSRP)

4 Stars Based based on
8 votes and 3 reviews
Featured : Vaporskin
Cores : Dragonfly Core<br />Multizone EGD
Glass : Carbon I-Beam
Base : Sintered WFO Vision Base
Shape : Directional
Tuning : Infinite Ride
Extras : Stainless Steel Pressure Distribution Edges
 : Pro-Tip
 : Increased Waist Width[Exclud 156]
Sizes : 147, 152, 156, 158, 160, 164, 168
Burton Custom X, 2008
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The world’s premier wood core board. The peak-to-park weapon of choice for DCP, Frederik K., Mario Grilc, and Kazu, the Custom X is the ultimate upgrade for those ready to ride at higher levels. Heli-accessed pillow lines, crap-your-pants Alaskan gnar, stadium kickers, or World Cup superpipes—dissect all elements with surgical precision, warp speed, and second-nature agility. With the Burton Custom X Snowboard, next-level freestyle is yours for the slaying.
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by Anonymous on 01.27.2010
Strengths: Excellent response. On the fly sharp turns. Smooth ride.
by Anonymous on 01.25.2010
Strengths: Very snappy. Not too stiff. Great graphics.
Weaknesses: This deck did not meet its hype for me. I gleaned to own a custom X for the past 5 years and now I have it. I have upgraded from a 2005 standard custom and I felt it practically rode the same. I thought I was going to improve my ripping status. I thought I was gonna pull bigger airs, speed down the grooms faster. It did not. A high end board will not magically improve your riding. Its riding time! Spend your money on lift tickets instead! I felt it rode the same as my 2005 regular custom which I have upgraded from.
by Anonymous on 03.17.2009
Strengths: Pop, control, edge hold, speed & stability!!! Set bindings back and you can do pow runs all day
Weaknesses: none

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by Anonymous on 12.13.2011
Strengths: Great pop, I can carve strong and pop up 2 feet. Its amazing and light as hell
Weaknesses: Graphics but who really cares when your tearing it up

by Anonymous on 01.07.2009
Strengths: Good at high speed, very stable. Very economical on the flat, easily keeps it`s speed. If you like going down the mountain in one direction -straight - it`s the board for you. Built for speed. It`s got a soft flex but rides over the bumps easily provided once again it`s down the mountain not accross it.
Weaknesses: Got the feeling from riding that the board was built to go in one direction, rather difficult to turn i felt. As in ship. Maybe it was the length I had the 164, and I`m 180pounds 6 foot, size 12US

by Anonymous on 11.30.2005
Strengths: really cool i hav 1 my favortie board ever its awsome
Weaknesses: nothing

by Anonymous on 11.21.2005
Strengths: good feel
Weaknesses: shit everything else

by Anonymous on 11.08.2005
Strengths: Anyone can ride this board, it can make any rider from low-intermediate to advanced happy. Good for jibbing. Great all-around board.
Weaknesses: Kinda soft & flexy in my personal opinion. A bit overpriced. Basically a lighter and slightly stiffer Custom.

by Anonymous on 06.28.2005
Strengths: my super model 163 felt alot more stable at high speeds

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by Anonymous on 11.30.2005
Strengths: i is very light and is stable at high speeds

Custom X 2007
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Lighter, stronger and more responsive than ever thanks to Vaporsk in™, the Custom X™ represents the future of wood core board construction. Showcasing all our latest technologies, the X converts every ounce of energy into uncompromised control and handling. For lightning speed, spring-loaded pop and ninja agility on any terrain, demand nothing... More»

by Anonymous on 11.03.2011
Strengths: alpine and terrian park
Weaknesses: tight glades and moggles

by Anonymous on 06.25.2007
Strengths: The very best board in the Burton snowboard line-up. The Custom X is the pinnacle of high performance all-mountain boarding. Flawless edge hold and a nice powerful, perfect flex make this board a killer in all conditions. Solid performance in the pow too.
Weaknesses: The price can be a little stiff but I can think of nothing negative on this board.

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by Anonymous on 07.23.2009
Strengths: Very Responsive Looks sick in Blue Is a great wide board... i wear size 16
Weaknesses: Not for beginners Wouldn`t tale it in the park given its price

Custom X 2009
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by big jib ridder on 02.02.2009
Strengths: felt good going straight.
Weaknesses: Don`t like the channel system. Price. Turns didn`t feel right.

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by checkeys on 01.08.2013
Strengths: stiffness

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by winsnowboards on 06.24.2012
Strengths: Burton threw their full R&D force at this one, the result is seriously the pinnacle in snowboard weaponry, super-light, super-fast, super-responsive, did we mention super-light. If you`ve the cheddar, this is the best board period for riding the whole mountain. I know you want one. We all want one.