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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Seven
 Year:  2008

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47 votes and 2 reviews
Burton Seven, 2008
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Around the world and back, Trevor Andrew’s lucky Seven™ has collected more knowledge, numbers, lift tickets, beat-downs and shakeups than you could ever fit in one season. At home in any terrain, the Seven’s new wider stance and waist width equals ultimate all-wheel-drive stability. Concrete to cliffs, backcountry wedges to table top park lines, you’ll understand why this is one of the most respected decks on the planet…if you can find it.
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by Anonymous on 11.18.2011
Strengths: Great board, great ride. I would definitely recommend it.. easy to ride and great for cruising or for the park
Weaknesses: price
by Anonymous on 06.14.2010
Strengths: very felxy, good for heavyer person, need to be more experienced, need lots of control.
Weaknesses: friend had one broke it half way into the second season, meant for strickt park and doing rails.

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by Anonymous on 02.13.2011
Strengths: great on rails sick graphics smooth landings great for parks any terain board
Weaknesses: easily scratched but nbd

by croninan on 07.08.2007
Strengths: all around great board. TONS of pop and makes butters cake. light wieght and smooth. can`t comment on the powder, but out of control in the park!!
Weaknesses: not very durable, the base scatches way too easily so lots of up keep. handels like crap on ice, but that`s probably b/c i beviled the edges. good luck finding one of these, specially in white. hope this helps.

by Anonymous on 11.04.2006
Strengths: good pop in the park... spins easy... loads of flex
Weaknesses: not very good in deep powder

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by TheWBizzle on 01.26.2011
Strengths: The first board I ever bought and the first board I`ve ever ridden. It wasn`t the last, but at this point, the very best I`ve had the pleasure to ride. I`m a fairly tall guy, and the length and width of the stance are perfect for me.
Weaknesses: I`ve definitely put it through a beating. Chips, cuts, scratches, and groves... it still handles like a champ! I guess that would be I strength, too... A TEN!! A FAWKIN` TEN!!!

by Anonymous on 02.17.2009
Strengths: OMG!!! I own this board it is the best one i`ve ever rode on! it breaks easly and it lets you fly over any terrain if your looking for a board you can pretty much learn to ride on or can do all the fun stuff this board does it both! and if your going down a hill really fast and want to swith which foot your leading with you can on this board!
Weaknesses: In my opinion there are none a little heavier, and gets scratched up easily, and also if hit by other boards it can get small cracks but really easily fixed.

by Anonymous on 02.06.2009
Strengths: I have been riding this model in a 162 since 2006 - its a great board. The right amount of flex, feel and pop, I am just gutted there is no longer a 162 as I need to replace mine as its getting a little tired!

by Anonymous on 01.27.2009
Strengths: Just truely are probably the best I`ve seen on any board, soft flex, easy to spin...just amazing
Weaknesses: NONE!

by Anonymous on 12.01.2008
Strengths: lots of pop...great soft board...even down the hills its very smooth
Weaknesses: it does get somewhat chattery when you try to go faster, gets scratched but every board does

by Anonymous on 03.03.2008
Strengths: its a really sickb board and u can shred in park easy spins
Weaknesses: gets very dinged up easily first day i got a huge scratch in front... stickers are the sollution =]

by Anonymous on 02.12.2008
Strengths: Great for hitting the park and just having a fun day on the hill.
Weaknesses: Little tough in the deep stuff... and does get banged up pretty easy... but all in all still good.

by Anonymous on 04.04.2007
Strengths: great for parks and spins, and is very forgiving on sketch landings.
Weaknesses: yes, i agree with the deep powder weakness.

by Anonymous on 03.07.2007
Strengths: Good flex, lots of pop, easy to spin. Can power through landings better with the tip. Can handle moderate-hard free-riding.
Weaknesses: Chattery at high speeds, edge hold problems at high speeds. Gets banged up easily.

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by Anonymous on 12.14.2010
Strengths: Great so far! this board has the perfect flex and feel for a park board,either ridding rails or freestyle, its a god board
Weaknesses: Not super durable. for a park board thats going to be dealing with a lot of hard substance like metal, cement, and wood. My top glass is already chipping at the sides. otherwise, great so far!