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 Model:  Destroyer
 Year:  2008

3.5 Stars Based based on
2 votes on 2014-10-22 14:23:31
Liner: Concentrix Level 2
Cuff Link: Gold
Sole: Cup with forefoot and heel gel
Lacing System: Traditional
Flex: 5
Forum Destroyer, 2008
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The boot of choice for pipe/park addicts. For all you freestyle junkies out there, embrace your pipe/park addiction with our new and improved Destroyer. The 2008 version is packed with tons of performance upgrades like our hybrid liner, supportive internal cuff, scientifically engineered 4D-molded tongue, articulating external cuff for a flexible yet stable shell, and our high-traction cupsole with forefoot and heel gel inserts.
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Destroyer PM 2008
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From pipes to parks to urban handrail assaults, Patís got it all on lock with his signature shred stick strapped to his feet The Destroyer has been a team favorite for years, so it was no surprise that when it came time for Pat Moore to choose a board for his first-ever pro model upgrade, he went with a classic. Patís board features a full tip-to... More»

by Anonymous on 01.24.2012
Strengths: It has handled everything I could throw
Weaknesses: out of stock

Destroyer ChillyDog 2011
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Arc of destruction. The Destroyer ChillyDog is built for all-out destruction of the biggest features. The new ChillyDog with Pop has the same forgiving feel of continuous rocker, but with added Pop zones that help load up the nose and tail for even more ollie power. Ollie pop is further amplified by Booter Boosters to make sure you clear every gap... More»

by Anonymous on 12.11.2010
Strengths: big boosters in the back wountry to presses this bord gat it all mate!