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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Vapor
 Year:  2006
 Price:  $899 (MSRP)

4 Stars Based based on
17 votes and 4 reviews
NEW Vaportech Construction
Sintered WFO Base
Alumafly Core
Multizone EGD
Lite Triax Fiberglass
Carbon I-Beam
Infinite Ride
Negative Core Profile
Stainless Steel Edges
Pressure Distribution Edges
Burton Vapor, 2006
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The world’s lightest high-performance board. Ultra-light and ultra-responsive, the Vapor rides like an extension of your mind--you think, it reacts. A full pound lighter than any other board in the line, the Vapor is the most technologically advanced all-terrain board, period. It’s not what’s in this board, but what’s not that makes it so amazing. The culmination of 28 years of board-building experience, the new Vaportech construction allows us to enhance the state-of-the-art composite design by minimizing materials without sacrificing durability. The all-terrain Vapor boasts only the highest grade aerospace materials and design to create an extra-sensory riding experience that will change how you ride.
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by mattyb on 05.30.2010
Strengths: Light weight, stiff yet flexible, hard charger, descent in deep pow.
Weaknesses: limited stance width options
by Anonymous on 02.27.2008
Strengths: fast and light
Weaknesses: none!
by Anonymous on 12.01.2007
Strengths: Of course its light and i have not had a problem yet on it. If you go at high speeds or off the trial. I recomend this board because it handles most everything so well. Cuts fast, its just feals fantastic when you ride it over all.
Weaknesses: Price most people will say but if you ride almost everyday or every week. This board is well worth all this money.
by Anonymous on 04.27.2006
Strengths: incredibly stable and lightweight, yet has a forgiving flex. perfect for the slopes or halfpipe.
Weaknesses: a little too stiff for rails and the price is pretty steep.

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by fisch on 02.04.2014
Strengths: 157: Responsive, Light, Stable, Flexible/Snapping you hard out of the turns to provide instant acceleration.
Weaknesses: It LOVES the packed, but not the ideal board for powder.

by Anonymous on 02.12.2008
Strengths: v v light. i ride all mountain (powder,trees, groomed, pipe etc) with it and cannot complain at all. its flexibility makes the ride very pleasent but still very stable.
Weaknesses: of course the price. but if you keep an eye on end of the year sale maybe you`ll get a nice deal...

by Anonymous on 06.25.2007
Strengths: Super Light-Duh! No this Burton snowboard is super sick. It is super stable at speed and a fun all around board. With its low swing weight it is easy to spin on .
Weaknesses: Yes the price is very high, and I am cautious about durability sometimes. But I haven`t had a problem yet.

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by Anonymous on 01.17.2010
Strengths: i bought my 08 vapor at the orlando burton outlet for 60% off for 399.99!!!! i took it to colorado for the first time and it just hovers! it makes u a better boarder, aggressive, and tons of control! i love it! looking into a cheap park board since i live in atlanta and i dont wanna mess up my vapor in the south east! lol
Weaknesses: not as much pop as i expected but enough for a directional board! but who needs the pop when ur booking it faster than anybody on the mt!!!! king of the mountain mountain mountain!

by Anonymous on 06.27.2009
Strengths: love it, i just got it for the 2009 season and this board fucking rips, obviously really light making spins and airs very easy and the base is very smooth and fast, edges are great as well, an overall great board
Weaknesses: butters are quite difficult on this board but who gives a shit!

Vapor 2009
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by Anonymous on 02.27.2013
Strengths: King of the Mountain! Truley a board with looking into, even into 2013 still rides amazing lighter than smoke. Way head of its time back in 08-09 and still is. This is a must for halfpipers and freeriders!
Weaknesses: A bit stiff, but still has some nice pop. Probably the sickest board ever to come to market even through 2013.

by justin on 03.29.2009
Strengths: light, good control, fast. I like my Elite better for cruising its more comfortable.
Weaknesses: unforgiving.

Vapor 2011
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by Anonymous on 07.11.2011
Strengths: light, responsive, quick
Weaknesses: rails