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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Malolo
 Year:  2006
 Price:  $499 (MSRP)

4.5 Stars Based based on
16 votes and 3 reviews
Sintered Vision Base
Super Fly II Core
Dualzone EGD
Lite Triax Fiberglass
Tapered Shape
Negative Core Profile
Burton Malolo, 2006
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All-terrain artistry. The Malolo uses a perfected shape that blends optimal freeride powder performance with an all-terrain freestyle feel for the ultimate in versatility. Embodying Terje’s revolutionary thinking, the moderate 20 mm taper equals serious float for effortless glide and added speed over virgin powder and an equally playful feel on groomers. Designed to ride shorter than your regular board and with a slightly setback stance, the Malolo delivers precision cornering in any snow condition with superior stability at straight-line speeds. Ride regular or switch and let your freestyle imagination run wild.
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by Anonymous on 03.06.2010
Strengths: dope powder board
by Anonymous on 10.12.2006
Strengths: makes riding powder effortless
Weaknesses: doesn`t ride well on moguls or crusty snow -expensive
by Borik on 10.20.2005
Strengths: I bought this board to use primarily as a powder board. First powder day of the season, I took it out and was really impressed with its performance!

The stance is super set back and it has a huge nose. This really provided a lot of float (I don't think I could have buried my nose, even if I wanted to). Also, the way the board rode felt great (Burton isn't lying in their description of this board), it took away all the leaning back I had to do in the powder with my other board. Also you can really build up a lot of speed, and the board is super stable.

The board also performs well on groomers and softer moguls, but really shines when there is fresh powder. Tried to ride it on crustier moguls and crusty snow and it was a pain (tiring to get that huge nose around).

All in all, it is a great powder board and I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of buying a second board for those great powder days.

Also, women out there, don't let the salesperson try to convince you that you can't ride this board because the smallest size is a 154 and you are supposed to ride it a little shorter than your normal board. I am 5'7" and the 154 works great for me.
Weaknesses: None.

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by Anonymous on 01.14.2009
Strengths: Had the 162 since it`s release and it still gets comments and looks (the graphic is still unique). The board`s designed (wider nose, set back bindings) for powder and running piste will feel very odd compared to a normal board. In powder it`s fast, easy and relaxing. Tricks for this board are surfing kickbacks on walls of snow, jumps with powder. Love this board, not wanted another since.
Weaknesses: It`s stiffness and geometry means that it`s not for park work but who cares! Hard work switched as the weight distribution will sink the tail very easy. Nose can cause some find with moguls.

by Anonymous on 06.25.2007
Strengths: So easy to ride in pow my friend calls it cheating. Really, I had a hard time crashing in powder with it. The shape is perfect for quick pow turns, and landing rocks is pretty effortless. Plus it is small enough to huck a 7 with ease.
Weaknesses: Agreed None. You don`t off road an F1 car. Why would you go into the park or ride a Malolo switch? Really?

by Anonymous on 04.17.2006
Strengths: awesome in powder, turns on a dime, carving down groomers is no problem and if you have any doubts as to its big mountain credentials, just watch terje ride it in First Descent
Weaknesses: none. Why would you even think about taking this board in the park???

by Anonymous on 03.04.2006
Strengths: Geared towards pow, but more than capable as an all mtn weapon. Carves great, hold a wicked edge and transitions from turn to turn well.
Weaknesses: Despite what Burton says, feels more awkward than almost any board I've ridden switch except the Fish and not going to do well in park.

by Anonymous on 02.05.2005
Strengths: I finally found a chance to get out and ride my board here in NE Tennessee. I was already stoked about getting to take it out of the bag. I had one of the best rides in my life ever, the board was hella smooth, turned real well, and just all around a great board. I have told my buddies about it. Once again Burton satifies even the pickiest customer

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by Anonymous on 10.25.2012
Strengths: I had 2006 malolo, I loved it, and had a hard time to let it go. Smooth ride, fast very comfortable board.

by Anonymous on 12.29.2009
Strengths: I have the 2007 Malolo 162 and I love this board. Best things about it are SPEED, powder performance obviously, and overall control. You can ride this anywhere (besides the park, probably) and feel totally confident - It has made me a much better rider after just a few trips. And it definitely can still spin. I also want to clear up some misconceptions that I`ve read about this board: 1. It`s not ONLY for powder. I just got back from a day of mostly groomed run riding and it`s super fast and VERY easy to carve on this type of snow. It is a bit skittish on icy junk, but so are most boards, I think (besides magna-traction rides.) 2. It`s not too narrow for larger riders. I`m 6-foot, 200 pounds and have size 11.5 boots, and the width on the 162 seems to be fine, no toe or heel drag. (I do angle out my bindings more than 15 degrees on each foot though.)
Weaknesses: Only negatives are that the topsheet seems to chip somewhat easily, but whatever. And it`s annoying that it has the three-hole binding mount, if you want to use bindings of a different brand, it can be tricky.

by Anonymous on 02.12.2008
Strengths: it really overperforms on the powder. its set back position really helps. holds very well on groomed trails and has a decent stability on them.
Weaknesses: it suffers on packed powder, what makes my life harder as i leave on the east coast...

by Anonymous on 12.29.2007
Strengths: very very the best board in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!

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by Anonymous on 09.13.2010
Strengths: if your looking for an all mtn board, i feel nothing beats the malolo. rips pow,trees,very stable at high speeds and great carver
Weaknesses: none

by big jib ridder on 02.02.2009
Strengths: This freeride board is nice in the pow.
Weaknesses: Not a very good all around board. But works great for what it was designed for... going straight down the maoutain. In my opinion with your choices out there, not worth the money.