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K2  Maker:  K2
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Zeppelin
 Year:  2009

4 Stars Based based on
2 votes on 2012-02-15 09:04:21
Tip Tech : New Hybritaper Technology
Shape : Setback Twin, Hyper Progressive
Stance : 3/4" Back
Core : WH4 Core
Glass : New ICG-20 Top, Triax Base
Torsion Forks : Carbon Matrix III
Base : Sintered 4000
Base Bevel : 1
Sizes : 153, 156, 158, 161, 164
Wide Sizes : 156, 159, 163, 166
K2 Zeppelin, 2009
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One of the most well respected snowboards ever; the Zeppelin earned its reputation because of its ability to go anywhere and do anything.

Offering peak to park performance for 13 years and this year is no exception. The Zeppelin comes fully loaded with our WH4 Core with NEW! ICG 20 Glass for on point precision and superior stability. Capped off with NEW! Hybritaper Construction, this year’s Zeppelin is so proven and refined, we’re not sure it can get much better!
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Zeppelin 2005
K2 - Zeppelin
AGGRESSIVE ALL MOUNTAIN FREESTYLE Ideal for anyone who is continually progressing their riding. Returning for its ninth season, the Zeppelin has proven itself as a freestyle leader. Patented External Torsion Forks give you more pop charging in the pipe or spinning off a cornice. More»

by Anonymous on 02.15.2005
Strengths: Summary: this board is awesome. i go in the park all day and this board is perfect. it has great pop for huge airs and slides well on rails. when i do go free riding though it tears it up. fast and great on its edges. the board holds up well to. from hitting rails and kickers for atleast 4 hours every time i go ive only gotten nicks and scratches. great board must have if you like to snowboard.
Weaknesses: None that i can think of now...

Zeppelin 2006
K2 - Zeppelin
AGGRESSIVE ALL MOUNTAIN FREESTYLE Classic K2. The board that defines our heritage, the Zeppelin has offered peak to park performance and the ride just keeps getting better! Celebrating its 10-year anniversary, the Zeppelin rides everywhere and does anything. The Ti - A Power Fork technology and directional twin shape gives you maximum pop chargin... More»

by Anonymous on 01.02.2006
Strengths: all
Weaknesses: none