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 Maker:  Ride
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Concept UL
 Year:  2009

3.5 Stars on 2010-07-30 15:32:17
SHAPE : Twinish
STANCE : 3/4" Setback
Thin Con
90A Slimewalls®
New! Membrain™ Top
Carbon Array 7™
Silencer 7 Tuned Core™
Stainless Steel Edge
Carbon Laminates
Copper Fusion Base™
2x4 Inserts
Quadratic Sidecut
SIZES : 154, 157, 159, 161
Ride Concept UL, 2009
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Ultra Light, Premium Performance. Ride’s ultra-light Concept UL offers infinite possibilities in the realm of all terrain versatility. Designed for the mountain master who takes it all in, this impeccable Ride hangs with the lightest boards out there, but with the smoothness that only Membrain™, Silencer 7™, and Slimewalls® can bring you.
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Ride - Concept UL
Infinite possibilities abound as Ride’s entirely new, ultra-light UL techs and Silencer 7 Tuned CoreTM make their debut with the premium-level Concept UL. Designed for the mountain master who takes it all in, this impeccable Ride hangs with the lightest board out there, but without the light board chatter and super board price tag. More»

by Anonymous on 04.14.2008
Strengths: Best boards I`ve ever rode. Ive been riding for 15 years now, and am totally amazed by this board. Mostly ride freeride off piste, but like to take a few hits here and there. This board responds and outpreforms under any condition. No chatter at high speed. Massive manuverability, it ate up moguls, hits,and powder alike. Also the fastest board I ever rode on. The slimewall sides feel like shocks. Cuts up icy patches like a razor. It truly is a all mountain board. Its a super high end board that preformas peak to park and at all times. Get it
Weaknesses: Topsheet wears fast. I contacted ride about it, they told me that they chose it due to its light weight, and that it onle frays at the edges. The board is so good though I dont care how it looks cosmetically.