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 Maker:  Flow
 Category:  Binding
 Model:  Team
 Year:  2009

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3 votes and 1 reviews
CORE TECHNOLOGY : Reclining Hiback, 3_D Powerstrap, Powertriangle
HIGHBACK : Team Hiback, Modular Hiback, Ventilated Hiback, Flite Hiback
STRAP : Flex Strap, A_Flex Strap, Cl_Flex, Comfort_Flex
BASEPLATE : Team Baseplate, NXT Baseplate, M Baseplate, Flite Baseplate
FEATURED TECHNOLOGY : Highly Modular, Micro Adjustability, Light and Strong, Easy Adjustable
COLOR : Yellow
Flow Team, 2009
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HIGH PERFORMANCE, LIGHTWEIGHT RIDE The Team’s high-end, injected magnesium baseplate and composite Dynalite hiback responds before you’ve even considered that cab 1080. Variable strap and hiback options allow endless adjustability for narrower carving stances or bowed-out stompability. An I-Flex Powerstrap and new MINIratchet buckles allow riders the versatility they need to adjust to all riding conditions.
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by Anonymous on 02.04.2010
Strengths: These bindings are AWESOME!!! I love them and they look hot.

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Team Freestyle 2005
Flow - Team Freestyle
Lightweight & responsive for soft landings and huge airtime. Top of the line materials provide progressive flex & longitudinal support for maximum response. With the hardest available base for impact protection the board is inspired, designed and tested by Flow TEAM riders. More»

by Anonymous on 12.02.2011
Strengths: i use this board 3 years and i love it

by Anonymous on 11.25.2011
Strengths: super board

TEAM 2005
Flow - TEAM
The Team is an amazingly light weight, responsive binding for the rider who needs a response with even the slightest movement. The combination of the magnesium base plate and the pre-preg carbon fiber Highback give the Team one of the highest strength to weight ratios. The newly designed Power Strap consists of a nylon plastic shell with rubber in... More»

by Anonymous on 10.17.2006
Strengths: The Flow Team Bindings are unbelieveably impressive. Definitely the best bindings Flow has ever produced. Flows have taken a lot of slack for producing heavy bindings in the past but the Team models are incredibly light. The weight is comparable to Burton`s Mission or Cartel bindings. Besides being lightweight, these bindings are super responsive. The magnesium base is solid, the carbon highback is responsive, and the powerstrap really holds your boots in and transfers energy when going toeside.

I ride these bindings on any terrain. When in the park, I just loosen up the strap a bit and that gives me just the right amount of forgiveness on jumps. The bottom of the bindings is covered with rubber which adds more cushion when landing jumps.

The best feature that these bindings have that no other bindings do is the level of adjustment you can make on them. The highback and the ankle strap both have 5 different settings. In addition, the highback cable has four different settings which allows you to adjust the power triangle angles and the amount of forward lean. In addition, like all other Flows, there`s an adjustment on the highback that lets you fine tune the forward lean.

Speaking of adjustments, I was able to turn my large bindings into a size medium for one of my friends to use. All I had to do was to put axis point of the highback and the cable in the most forward position and my friend was to ride them like a medium.
Weaknesses: My only problem with the Team bindings is the price tag. They retail for $500. Once I rode them, though, the price seemed more reasonable to me. I got mine for $300, but after riding them I would pay $500.

Compared to all the bindings ever made, I would put the Flow Team in the top 3 for all around performance.

Team 2007
Flow - Team
A combination of ultimate customization and performance built on the lightest binding baseplate in the industry. The Team is the superlative binding system for today’s most demanding snowboarders. An industry first—freeride and freestyle bindings packed into one. The Team bindings come packaged with two sets of Powerstraps: the all-new I-Flex ... More»

by Anonymous on 03.31.2009
Strengths: More control than any binding ever made. Arguably one of the most customizable setups on the market. You`re locked in every time with consistency. With the high back down your can easily lock it back up right off the lift without having to spend 20% of your day on your ass. Freeride and Freestyle straps included make this a very versatile setup. Don`t really understand why the anonymous dude above says it doesn`t handle pow or ice. Unless you adjusted them incorrectly and they`re lose your bindings should have nothing to do with handling ice or snow. That`s your board. I freeride mostly at high speed on groomers and pow with this binding on an mtx board, together that setup handles like an 07 lexus.
Weaknesses: The hardware that fastens the straps to the base plate suck. I changed them out with nuts/bolts and sleeves from the hardware store.

The Team 2007
Flow - The Team
Whether winning slopestyle, big air, or halfpipe competitions, the Team delivers unparalleled performance in all events. The Dual-Transitional sidecut is ideal in conditions ranging from huge icy transitions in the pipe to big air in the park or backcountry. The Kevlar and ReFlex core allow incredible control and response, while the Whiskey Royale... More»

by Anonymous on 08.16.2008
Strengths: tons of pop, fast
Weaknesses: a little rough at high speeds, doesnt handle ice or powder too well

Team 2008
Flow - Team
FLOW’S VERSION OF THE FERARI. Nothing was held back when assembling this futuristic machine. Using an injected magnesium baseplate along with a composite Dynalite hiback, this binding combines lightness with incredible strength and durability. A variety of different strap and hiback options allow endless adjustability for each different ... More»

by Anonymous on 01.17.2011
Strengths: lightweight, i like the design
Weaknesses: poor quality, hiback is holding with 2mm screws (i allready broke 3), loosing toggles when your boot is inside is allmost impossible because of bad design they are stuck of something, highly overpriced, the holes in baseplate are too small so you cannot use standard screws when you broke or lost the original ones (happens too often for my taste), stay away from this.. and based on my experience with this FLOW "top model" , i never buy FLOW again, ever

Team Micron 2009
Flow - Team Micron
WHO WANTS TO BE THE NEXT ANTTI AUTTI? The Antti-inspired Team Micron is the weapon of choice for your little shredder. This True Twin is super light with tons of pop, yet forgiving for the progressing rider. The Radial Sidecut snaps quick, easily turns and the Optix Crystal base adds speed and boost out of the pipe and clearance ... More»

by Anonymous on 02.08.2011
Strengths: lots of pop and great for park ridding