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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Boots
 Model:  Hail
 Year:  2010
 Price:  $250 (MSRP)

4.5 Stars Based based on
2 votes on 2011-06-30 12:54:00
Burton Hail, 2010
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The Hail™ is the logical choice for those pulling 100+ days a year, scrubbing toilets at night, just to shred all day. Built to let you lap the park ‘til your legs fall off, the Hail is crazy comfortable and crammed with cushioning like the NEW Stay-Puft Calf Capsule and massive NEW 270° Airbag. Slimmer, lighter, and built for tweakin’, there’s no better choice for those who have their priorities straight.
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Hail 2006
Burton - Hail
Storm the park. In an age of park rats, devour the pack like a cat with the skate-inspired prowess of the Hail. New for 06, the shell uses an articulating cuff trickled down from the SL-8 for two distinctive flex zones. The upper cuff is entirely separate from the rest of the boot for better forward mobility and increased edge-to-edge response ... More»

by Anonymous on 01.02.2006
Strengths: I spent the whole day boarding. My boots have no bad odor. I left them overnight and still these things don't stink.

by ddot7 on 12.29.2005
Strengths: Light weight, comfortable, not bulky, good flexibility

Hail 2007
Burton - Hail
The fully loaded Hail™ features tech trickled down from the futuristic SL-9™. The innovative articulating cuff separates the shell into upper and lower zones for smooth flex with minimal shell distortion. Prepare for improved fit and juiced-up heel hold through the full range of the boot’s flex. The multi-zonal outsole with advanced air cushioning... More»

by Anonymous on 10.10.2010
Strengths: love em

by croninan on 07.08.2007
Strengths: really comfortable, not too stiff, WILL NOT SMELL i`ve rode in them about 40 to 50 times and no odors. plus an all around smooth look...highly recomended
Weaknesses: i owned the 2006 model also and tech wise they are identical. not to say they aren`t a quality boot i just hoped for some improvement. also burton altered the lacing system slightly in the 2007 model which makes it a pain to put in new laces. the new system does keep the tonge centered tho. hope this helps

Hail 2011
Burton - Hail
From manhandling urban zones to backwoods kickers, the Hail™ is all about high-grade hucking power. Forget about its NEW Stay-Puft padded tongue, extra-smooth Articulating Cuff , and extra large air bag. Pay no attention to the fully-loaded, ultra cush Flex 2 Liner , reduced weight and footprint of Shrinkage™, and sole-saving Park 2 Footbed. Ride... More»

by SnowSun on 01.20.2012
Strengths: Really comfortable boots. Stay-Puft tongue is the best thing ever on these things. Super Grip Toe is great too. Flex Liner is awesome - definitely way better than the Imprints 1, 2, and 3 - and can`t possibly pack out in the toe box.
Weaknesses: Not a fan of the holes at the ankles. Needs a gusset or something for the spring soggy days. Footbed is cushy but offers no heel support at all, so I put one in that does.