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 Maker:  Ride
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Theory
 Year:  2006
 Price:  $499 (MSRP)

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Ride Theory, 2006
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THE TEAM SERIES The Theory features four discipline-specific boards that maintain a common feel and turning behavior, yet are individually shaped and developed with the direction of J.J. Thomas and Erik Leines to perform in precise situations. RAIL & JIB The 149 freestyle-oriented jib board presents a softer mid-flex for mobility, deeper sidecut for quicker turns, and a tapered tip and tail to lower the swing weight. JIB & PARK The 154 goes beyond the park to land somewhere between the DH and Havoc in performance focus. With an aggressive flex and sidecut, the 154 is able to slash carves and still butter at lower jib speeds. PARK & PIPE Designed for on-mountain freestyle Riding, the 159 features one of the stiffest flexes combined with a deep Quadratic sidecut to give the board drive. PARK & FREERIDE Engineered to stomp landings switch, the 161 is made to float in deep snow and press in the park.
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