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Rossignol  Maker:  Rossignol
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Travis Rice
 Year:  2005

4 Stars Based based on
8 votes and 2 reviews
Combo FS Core
All Terrain
Rossignol Travis Rice, 2005
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What hasn't been said about Travis Rice? That he is the snowboard genius, the one who has won pretty much everything? That the whole earth loves him? Rossignol acted their way : They built a special core only for his board : the Combo FS. Rossignol added also a firm flex, mainly located under the back foot, along with an unmatchable stability. The only risk? This board might become even more loved than the guy who rides it!
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by Anonymous on 01.01.2013
Strengths: An unbelievable board in ANY conditions. Have ridden this board in NW Indiana, central Indiana, Colorado, Wyoming, and Eastern Canada. No matter what the temp, if it`s slush or powder, if it`s boxes, rails, or slaying some back country, this board does it ALL!
Weaknesses: Still trying to think of some.....
by Anonymous on 01.10.2009
Strengths: Amazing board. I love it!!!