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Burton  Maker:  Burton
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Fish
 Year:  2012
 Price:  $600 (MSRP)

2.5 Stars on 2011-09-08 02:38:24
Board Tech: S-Rocker
Infinite Ride
M6 Channel
Carbon I-Beam
Triax Fiberglass
Directional Shape
Super Fly II Core
Directional Flex
Gondola Package
Dualzone EGD
Ellip Nose Kick
Available Sizes: 150, 156, 160, 164
Burton Fish, 2012
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The Terje Haakonsen and JG-designed Burton Fish changes the way you ride powder. Built for speed and tapered more than any board in the line, it combines S-Rockerô with a Swallow Tail to further enhance float, punch, and acceleration. Complete your quiver with the NEW Fishcuit 50. With additional taper and the equivalent surface area of a Fish 56, this pocket rocket increases tight-terrain mobility without sacrificing float or crud-busting stability.
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Fish 2009
Burton - Fish
Terje, Nico, Jake, JG and Powder junkies canít get enough of me. Iím that funky board attached to folks whose smiles canít be shaken by the snow stuck in their teeth. As if I couldnít be any easier to ride, this year I get the NEW Swallow Tail and S-Rocker to enhance my already ridiculous float, speed, and agility. The Channel gives me unlimited s... More»

by Anonymous on 09.13.2010
Strengths: i have 2 fish`s and a malolo can`t say which one i like more, but they both rip the pow,trees and yes groomers. i`ve read where people complained about the fish on groomers, if you can`t carve a fish on the groomers, you`d better ride for a couple more years
Weaknesses: none