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Nitro  Maker:  Nitro
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Magnum
 Year:  2006

4.5 Stars Based based on
8 votes and 2 reviews
Optimal Matrix Laminates
Sidewall Construction
Progressive Sidecut
FH Base
Wide: 157/159/161/165/168
Nitro Magnum, 2006
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The widest board in our line, the Magnum is all mountain response for the big footed guys. Donít sacrifice performance just because you refuse to put up with toe drag, get on a Magnum and feel the craftsmanship from day one.
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by Anonymous on 02.21.2006
Strengths: so smooth, easy transitions, wide board that feels narrow, love it so love it so
Weaknesses: little bit heavy due to its size but it don't matta cuz its rides like a pony
by Anonymous on 12.29.2005
Strengths: Rocks the party that rocks the party, although someone could have told me chamonix was as rocky as sly himself. get on it and go as fast as you like
Weaknesses: ah none