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Elan  Maker:  Elan
 Category:  Snowboard
 Model:  Prodigy
 Year:  2006

3.5 Stars on 2010-07-30 15:32:17
Park and street freestyle
LENGTHS 148 152 154 156 159
Twin Tip
Mach 8
Elan Prodigy, 2006
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"I ride everything with the 156 Prodigy--park, rails and powder. Its sidecut isn’t too tight and I like its stance options which allows for a stance of around 62cm. If you like to jib or do butters, the Prodigy should be your choice of board because it’s really flexible but also has the pop you need." - Matti Rautanen, European teamrider
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Look up “freestyle snowboard” in the dictionary and you’ll find the Prodigy. For real, the Prodigy is the definitive Freestyle snowboard. With a perfect twin tip shape and blunt tip and tail, this board will make you forget wether you ride goofy or regular. And its V2R sidewalls and Jib Core technology ensures that the Prodigy has the fle... More»

by Anonymous on 02.18.2012
Strengths: Great in powder.
Weaknesses: Kind of heavy and not soo flexy. Good for jumps but not for buttering