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360 Jib Thing

Jib-bonking is all about killing anything and everything you come across while riding, so start off by finding an object to hit. Don't just settle for objects on the slopes but also look for places like deserted industry sites and junkyards, another man's trash may be a jibber's treasure. An abandoned car or refrigerator would be a perfect find but a picnic table or stump will do just as fine. However, make sure not to jib objects in unexplored areas. It could potentially be dangerous.

1. - Approach the object with weight added slightly on your toe edge. Take off as if you were doing a frontside 180, just over rotate your shoulders a bit and land on top of the object. If you've got the speed correct, you should slide over the whole thing smoothly.

2. - As you slide, start preparing for the final part of rotating the 360. This is where over rotating your shoulders comes in need. As you can spot the landing, just release that extra momentum stored in the upper part of your body and you'll rotate it all the way the 360 degrees with no effort.

3. - After nailing this mutha, try fakie nose-manualing it or add some speed and float a frontside 360 air over the damn thing doing a nice little indy nose tap just before the landing.