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50/50 to FS Boardslide

OK, this is such an easy trick that there's pretty much nothing you need to know before trying this. Straight 50-50's surely help, but this combo is just about as easy.

This is one of the first tricks to learn on a rail, so you may want to find a flat and low one you can just ride straight onto without having to ollie. Go at a speed at which you feel comfortable, but remember it will be a lot harder to keep your balance if you're riding too slow.

1. - Ride on and try to keep your board lined up with the rail and weight evenly on both feet. If you're riding a rail you've never tried before or you're a newbie to jib tricks, you will probably want to try some straight 50-50's first. Keep the board parallel with the rail, knees slightly flexed and use your arms to keep your balance. Slide until the end of the rail, unweigh your knees a bit, ollie out, ride away and follow it up with something even sicker.

2. - Once you feel confident doing 50-50's, you're ready to add the boardslide part. This is also the easiest way to learn frontside boardslide since you're already in a stabile position over the rail. Just do a backside 90 degrees turn, by twisting your shoulders, and your board should follow and turn crossed with the rail. It's important to have your under-deck flat with the rail and weight centered between your bindings.

3. - Keep the board balanced on the rail, slide and prepare to spot the landing, you should be able to see where you're going by looking under your leading arm. Just when you see the rail ending, reverse your body, hop out and stomp it.

Once you progress with this trick, you may want to try doing it on kinked handrails, rainbows or c-rails or maybe even doing it switchstance. Also try variations like 180 out or half cab to FS boardslide, it's easier than it sounds but looks sick!