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10/15/2010 - Red Oak Development Llc. a product development and consulting company is very pleased to announce that our work in producing a new high tech base construction for skis and snowboards has achieved "Patent Pending" status. We would like to thank Kenneth C. Brooks, Esq.,our Patent Attorney, for his hard work and support in helping us reach this milestone. We are hopeful that the patent will be awarded by the end of 2010.

Key players in helping us reach this goal are Derek Runes, of DMRacing who is our Senior Team rider, Dustin Turnquist, P.E., for engineering consulting, C.B. Bechtel, of Loveland Race Club, and Sean Martin of Donek Snowboards. Loveland Race Club provided professional racing timing equipmentso that Derek could testour proto type and current GS racing snowboards on a closed course, under controlled conditions. Red Oak rented Chair #3 at Loveland last season to conduct performance testing. Loveland Race Club confirmed results and provided a third party non bias witness to the tests. We contracted and built a custom GS snowboard with Donek. We tested Kessler, several Donek GS snowboards, VölklRenn Tiger and the proprietary Red Oak construction prototype, a.k.a. the Green Hornet. For the best accuracy, test results measured to the ten thousands of a second. All snowboards were tested at the same time in similar conditions; all boards were stripped, all were with in 1 cm length, 183 cm - 184 cm. Our custom proto type Donek Green Hornet was 2.5% faster thanthe Olympic winning Kessler GS! 2.5% faster glide on a short course will ad up very fast in World Cup or Recreational racing! 2.5% over a full course is HUGE! We are very excited to gear up to build a race ready prototypewith a new "Sport" base material this season and we are working to produce a non-wax "Race" base. Demo boards will be available at several retailers, locationsto be determined.

You can expect the Red Oak snowboards will include the latest technologies and materials! Pricing has not been determined... rest assured these Ultra High Performance products will not be cheap... we will look for methods to keep the cost down but exotic materials are expensive.

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