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Backside 540

This trick has the same takeoff as a backside 3 and the same landing as backside 180, so make sure you know these tricks like the palm if your hand before spinning 540's. Pick a kicker you are confident with and visualize the trick in your min.

1. - Once you can do it in your head, ride down the runway crouching and relaxed so you can absorb the bumps. You'll need to make you run up a little faster then you would for 360, due to the extra rotation. As you come up to the jump's lip pivot your weight on your toe-side edge and begin to wind up.

2. - Twist you head and lead shoulder towards the tail of your board and pop off your toes. As you leave the lip, bring your knees slightly towards your chest and grab your board to peek the spin smooth and stabilized.

3. - At 270 degrees, you will be able to spot the landing but remember you're doing a 540 so hold that grab, poke it for some extra style points and spin another 180 degrees.

4. - At 450 you should prepare for the landing. Buckle your seat belt and extend your landing gear. Release the grab to slow down the rotation and land with a clean stomp. Landing blindside and trying not to over rotate are the most difficult parts of 540's.

5. - Once you're got the flat spin fives dialed, you may want to try dropping your lead shoulder more on the take off to make your cork screw off-axis, just like Jukka does. Try different grabs, indy and mute are probably the easiest but nosegrab or stalefish spins are guaranteed to turn more heads.