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Backside Disaster Revert

In this tutorial, You hits a wall with a backside disaster revert but you can also do this trick in a halfpipe, on a mailbox, on your van, or basically use any obstacle that comes across your path.

1. - Approach the object, you're about to hit, with enough speed to reach the lip. Un-weight your feet a bit and ollie out, as if you were doing a small backside air.

2. - Start the rotation by turning your shoulders a bit and then swing your board around backside 180. Be careful not to rotate too early or your tail will catch the lip and you will find yourself doing a backside disaster… the painful way.

3. - Land on the brink balanced on your toes so that your heel edge doesn't catch the lip. Stay low and try to stall it for a second. To earn some extra style points, keep your weight slightly over your front foot and poke the tail by lifting your back foot like you were doing a nose press.

4. - To finish this trick you should revert out, so be aware that you still have enough momentum to rotate another 180 degrees. Start by turning your upper body - you should be able to spot the landing by now.

5. - Finish the revert by twisting your hips and ride away fakie. Once you get a hand on this trick, you may want to try variations like sliding the obstacle instead of just slapping it with the board. That is actually called backside lipslide revert, but it's a helluva fun trick too.