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Cab 720 Nosegrab

These days a Cab 720 is considered a basic halfpipe trick, but before attempting it, make sure you know how to pull basic Cab 3's. Cab is short for Caballerial, a fakie 360 ollie invented by legendary skateboarder Steve Caballero.

1. - Approach the backside wall riding fakie. As you ride up the transition, twist the upper half of your body to gain momentum for the spin.

2. - As you hit the lip, pop off just as if you were doing a switch frontside air. Bend your knees a bit and bring your legs closer to your body, this helps you keep balance in the air and grab the board while spinning. Start with whatever grab feels good and once you feel confident add a twist to your trick or try going for a nosegrab like Antti.

3. - You should be able to spot the landing soon after the take-off just by turning your head and looking over your shoulder. Finish the rotation, guide the board around and push it into the transition. Try to keep your weight centered over the board and ride out.

So, that's a basic Caballerial. A Cab 720 is basically the same, just add another 360. The key is to spring a bit more and rotate faster, just be careful not to get dizzy and land in the flat.