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Fastplant is a 100% old-school-skateboard trick but you can also do it on a snowboard. It's a cool trick 'cause it can be done basically anywhere; in a halfpipe, off kickers, over small obstacles, even on the flat ground. Plus, one-footed tricks are not that common in snowboarding, so it adds to the overall cool factor. Here how to do a frontside fastplant to fakie over a spine, but this is only one of many variations.

1. - Approach the obstacle straight, in position to ollie, and with your rear binding unstrapped. That may be a bit difficult at first, so you may want to practice it before attempting tricks like this.

2. - As you reach the lip, initiate with an ollie, as if you were going to launch over the obstacle. Grab the board (a frontside grab works best for this trick), take your back foot off the board and plant it on the ground.

3. - Do a little hop with your back foot and kick your board as high as you can to make it look big and cool while still holding the grab.

Then you kind of jump off the object and back onto your board. You can land this trick fakie, but straight fastplants are slightly easier.

Land it and ride away. Try doing the same with a skateboard.