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Switch BS720

So, that's a basic Caballerial. A Cab 720 is basically the same, just add another 360. The key is to spring a bit more and rotate faster, just be careful not to get dizzy and land in the flat.

Switch backside spins are pretty-damn-gnarly tricks and they're highly valued at any slopestyle or big air competition. That how you win the Big Air World Cup by baking a full-flavored switch BS 720, but if you've got no background with big spins you can also use the same ingredients to master switch backside threes.

It's recommendable to work your way up and get used to the kicker before going spin crazy. Start with some nice and easy frontside 180's, that way you can figure out the speed needed for spins and also get used to landing fakie. Next move to frontside threes, to get a feeling for the spinning direction.

1. - Now you're ready to switch stance. Approach the kicker riding fakie and flat based. Start the spin by turning your shoulders, pop off the lip and swing your body. Remember this is a flat axis spin trick so do not drop your shoulder too much. Pull your knees to your chest for control and grab your board, for both balance and style.

2. - Takeoff and the first 180 degrees are the hardest 'cause you're turning blindside, but once you can see the landing it's fairly easy to finish the 360 rotation. Just release the grab to slow the rotation down and extend your legs to absorb the landing.

3. - Once you've mastered the switch backside 3's, the recipe for higher rotations is basically the same; just add a touch of speed, a spoonful of rotary motion and cook a little longer.